Giants Hide Among Us

by Reanimation

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GIANTS HIDE AMONG US is the first official release from REANIMATION (Michael Shanahan). The self-produced album contains eight pieces (three of them instrumental). Recorded between 2008 and 2011, GIANTS owes much to its experimental ancestors, with sometimes-eerie progressions and cyclical percussion themes. Listeners will find themselves unconsciously weaving their own personal musical histories into this hypnotic work. Even in a dream state there’s plenty to delve into, from waves of 1970s psychedelic rock to echoes of contemporary Scandinavia.

For GIANTS, Shanahan creates texture by layering mostly analog instruments with synths and assorted sound-producing devices. Guest musicians include Chester Hawkins (Blue Sausage Infant, electronics & appropriations), Brad Allen (Every Part of the Animal, multilayered guitar solo), Adam Cherim (acoustic guitar), and young Cole Perry (piano).


released October 9, 2011

REANIMATION is Michael Shanahan

Recorded November 2008–August 2011 at Shady Way Studio, Winfield, IL. Sounds of Chester Hawkins recorded at Intangible Arts, Washington DC, piano of Cole Perry recorded in Geneva, IL and guitar from Brad Allen recorded in North Muskegon, MI.

Audio mix and art direction and photos by Michael Shanahan

Mastered by Christopher Leary of Melograph Mastering

copyright 2011 Michael Shanahan

Extreme thanks to:
Brad Allen, Adam Cherim, Chester Hawkins, Christopher Leary, Cole Perry, Doug Perry, Amy Pinkowski, Anita Shanahan and Su Shanahan



all rights reserved


Reanimation Winfield, Illinois

REANIMATION is the vision of Michael Shanahan. Since 1985, the music of REANIMATION and its forebears has resisted easy categorization by combining elements of psychedelia with progressive, experimental, alternative, and pop rock. With REANIMATION, Shanahan melds these influences into a unique experience based on groove, space, atmospherics, and tension. ... more

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Track Name: The Beautiful Unknown
you are the dance
you are the song
and in and out of dreams
I've been here all along

every single day
your spirit is the flame
echoes every word you say

air, my breath
morning's son
a finger to your lips
a whisper and it's gone

every word you sing
touches everything
echoes every word you say

our love, our myths will fade to grow
rise up - the beautiful unknown
Track Name: The Single Song of All
the seeds of happiness lay deep under the skin
peel away, feel the way through the dark and lonely days
breathe deep, breathe deep, hear the rush, the hiss, the roar
giants hide among us, here to stay

I’m pulling away, I’m pulling away
I’m showing new form in a new way
I’m taking it back, I’m taking it back
Let go the illusion, let go the day
I’m pulling away, I’m pulling away
embrace the anger now to
fight her and defeat her with the single song of all

the birth of life, the earth, the sun, the air we breathe
see the end, bring it down to its scraped and battered knees
the sentences of love still cling for new meaning
invoking you – words calling for you
Track Name: That is All
[Have I experienced loss? Well, yeah. I guess we all have to some degree, right? I guess I was about 13-14. I don't really recall the first time and what it felt like. I felt like there should be some deeper reflection, but... We don't exist in the way we think we do. Do we?]

Birth to birth.
Drowning in an ocean of
reality in us and in everything we do
That is all

[When we go to sleep, our hold on the world around us slips away. Bit by bit. There is no eternal damnation or salvation. Nothing remains. We are all equally powerless when death arrives. Should we feel?]

[Loss means you have loved, right? And love is most powerful. The universe is a dance of energy. Experiential - rather than intellectual. is truth somehow MORE true if expressed in extremes?

Face your fears. Take responsibility for your feelings and actions. Where there is no courage, there is no love. But you ask yourself... What's in it for me?]
Track Name: A New Dawn
out from the deepest slumber
rise from the secret dream
comforting my sorrows
she speaks to me

another night is over
another fear exposed
a kiss placed on your lips
a heart explodes

it's another day
a new dawn - a new way
arrives beyond all reason
yours and mine today

an orchestra starts playing
echoes from the depths
she's flowing back and forth
a perfect love and trust

it's another day
a new dawn - a new way
arrives beyond all reason
yours and mine today

it's another day
for us to see our way
we know the song that's sung
yours and mine today
Track Name: Diffusing the Bomb
(every time that you touch what’s real, why won’t all the words flow free)

and I don’t know how to help you understand
remove the bomb – from my heart

and I don’t know how to let you close to me
remove the bomb – from my heart